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Singleron launches the AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit at 2024 Festival of Genomics.

Singleron Biotechnologies, a leader in single cell multi-omic solutions for precision medicine, announced two new commercial product launches at the Festival of Genomics meeting in London, UK: AccuraSCOPE® Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit and the AccuraSCOPE Single Cell Full-Length Transcriptome Library Kit. 

AccuraSCOPE Single Cell Transcriptome and Genome Library Kit profiles the entire genome and full-length transcriptome simultaneously. This method enables deep single-cell genome sequencing, amplifying ultra-low quantities of DNA from individual cells. This facilitates the detection of SNVs and chromosomal aberrations, supporting the identification of low-frequency variants in cell populations. Using proprietary bead-based technology, it captures RNA from five to six thousand genes per cell while maintaining DNA library quality comparable to existing methods. .The integrated analysis of a cell’s transcriptome and genome will enable a complete understanding of the extent, function and evolution of cellular heterogeneity in normal development and disease processes. The kit’s multiplex design and streamlined workflow allow for single-cell mRNA and DNA library preparation from up to 384 single cells in a single day, significantly reducing time and costs. 

The AccuraSCOPE Single Cell Full-Length Transcriptome Library Kit adds full-length, comprehensive, and rapid RNA sequencing and library preparation to the toolkit. It enables the detection of alternative splicing at the single cell level. Compared to existing full-length single cell RNAseq methods, AccuraSCOPE substantially reduces hands-on time, enhancing convenience.  

Dr. Nan Fang, CEO of Singleron Biotechnologies elaborates: “Our latest innovations were developed with clinical researchers in oncology, gene- and cell therapy as well as immunology and reproductive biology in mind. Accurate detection of genomic and transcriptomic changes can unveil the relationship between genomic dynamics and gene expression profiles as well as uncover point mutations and copy number variations, all for the same cell.”  ​ 

To meet customers’ data analysis needs for the new AccuraSCOPE products, Singleron created two full bioinformatic analysis pipelines. The RNA sequencing data pipeline covers the analysis workflow from FASTQ files to count matrix, while the DNA data pipeline starts with FASTQ files and includes variance calling and variant annotation.

The two kits are compatible with well-based technologyautomation workstation, flow cytometry cell sorting, or micropipette aspiration. AccuraSCOPE complements Singleron’s FocuSCOPE product line, supporting the analysis of 3’ RNA transcriptome and targeted gene sequencing simultaneously. 

At their booth number 114, Singleron will showcase both kits in combination with existing proven solutions and products including the Singleron PythoN Junior™, their automated tissue dissociation system, the Singleron Matrix NEO™, their automated single cell processing system as well as their patented SCOPE-chip®, an instrument-free single-cell workflow. Join their booth to engage in live demonstrations and discussions with experts as Singleron demonstrates the versatility and effectiveness of their advanced offerings. 


About Singleron: 

Singleron biotechnologies advances precision medicine and human health through pioneering single cell multi-omics solutions. Its current product portfolio includes high throughput instruments for automated single cell processing and tissue dissociation, reagents, bioinformatics software, and a comprehensive single cell knowledgebase. 

Founded in 2018, Singleron operates globally with offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Singapore, China, and the US. Its products are used in close to 3000 laboratories in hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies.