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35. Deutscher Krebskongress / 35th German Cancer Congress
Time:2022-11-10 15:19:07  


35. Deutscher Krebskongress / 35th German Cancer Congress

Our colleagues Dr. Nan Fang (CEO and Co-Founder), Dr. Wei Long (Senior Product Manager), and Ritika Kulshreshtha (Sales Specialist) are attending the upcoming 35th German Cancer Congress (Deutscher Krebskongress (DKK)).

The 35th DKK takes place at the CityCube Berlin, Germany from November 13.-16., 2022. At this year’s DKK, the congress will focus on the intersection between innovation and healthcare.

Are you interested in learning more on how single cell sequencing can be used to decipher heterogeneous tumor tissues? Listen to our talk “Comprehensive profiling of tumor heterogeneity and its microenvironment in advanced non-small cell lung cancer at single cell resolution” by Dr. Wei Long, Senior Product Manager at Singleron Biotechnologies.

For more information, visit the official DKK website:


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