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Agilent Technologies and Singleron to Collaborate on Single Cell Sequencing

Nanjing, January 26, 2021.

Today Singleron Biotechnologies announced its collaboration with Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) to accelerate the development and application of single cell sequencing technology.

Single cell sequencing uses high-throughput sequencing to gain genomic and genetic information at single cell resolution. This approach offers many advantages over traditional genomic analysis, enabling researchers to detect complex and rare cell populations, and elucidate development trajectories of distinct cell lineages. It is a powerful tool in the study of complex and heterogeneous systems such as cancer and the immune system.

Singleron Biotechnologies is an innovative single cell sequencing solution provider with a focus on molecular diagnostics. Singleron Biotechnologies is dedicated to applying groundbreaking single cell analysis techniques in clinical diagnosis, drug development, and health management. Together Agilent and Singleron hope to develop a cohesive single cell sequencing solution.

Nan Fang, Founder and CEO of Singleron, added “Reliable single cell sequencing workflows require accurate quality control methods at each experimental step. We are pleased to enter into this strategic collaboration with one of the world’s leading life science instrument companies, Agilent Technologies, to offer our customers an integrated solution that includes single cell partition and barcoding, amplification, library construction, and quality control. Together with Agilent, we will develop gold standard QC procedures for the single cell sequencing workflow of different clinical samples to facilitate the application of breakthrough single cell sequencing technologies in clinics.”

Freeman Zheng, General Manager of Agilent’s Greater China Diagnostics and Genomics Division, commented “Singleron has an advanced one-stop single cell sequencing system, which provides a comprehensive solution from tissue sample processing to data analysis and interpretation. Agilent’s quality control products can ensure the high quality of sequencing libraries and improve the sample processing and library preparation process. The cooperation between the two companies will jointly establish quality standards for single-cell sequencing processes suitable for different sample types to ensure the accuracy of single-cell sequencing data. We look forward to promoting single-cell sequencing to a new level in the future!”

In addition to the collaboration, Singleron is also now an Agilent certified Sequencing Quality Control Laboratory, enabling the company to demonstrate Agilent NGS quality control instruments to customers.

About Agilent Technologies

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About Singleron Biotechnologies

Singleon Biotechnologies was founded in Nanjing in 2018 and currently has offices and laboratories in Nanjing and Suzhou in China; as well as in Germany and the US. Since its incorporation, Singleron has also quickly developed key proprietary technologies and methods on microfluidic system design, tissue storage and processing, single cell barcoding and amplification, data analysis algorithms and data mining. Singleron MatrixTM, a highly flexible automated Single Cell Sequencing Library Construction platform, was launched in 2020, and can be used in combination with Singleron’s GEXSCOPE® single cell Library Prep kits. The company is currently working together with prominent research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, both in China and overseas, to promote the adoption of innovative single cell analysis technologies in scientific research, clinics and drug development.