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Berry Genomics and Singleron Biotechnologies moved into strategic alliance

Berry Genomics and Singleron have moved into strategic alliance the in single-cell sequencing area to promote clinical applications of single-cell sequencing technologies for multi-dimensional and in-depth frontier research. Our alliance partnership has made a strong commitment to establish comprehensive single cell solutions and services to provide you with strong technological, competitive, and customized advantages of single-cell sequencing within scientific and clinical research field.

A cell is the smallest functional unit of life. Single-cell sequencing is a cutting-edge technology that uses high-throughput sequencing to gain genomic and genetic information at single cell resolution. It can be used to reveal different cell subtypes and decipher interactions between different cells in biological samples. Named as Breakthrough of the Year 2018 by Science and Method of the Year 2019 by Nature Methods, single-cell analysis has been used widely to generate new insights in diverse life science fields, including cancer research, immunology, neural science, and developmental biology.

Berry Genomics is a leading company in clinical genomics and life science in China. Berry Genomics is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of genetic test technologies in clinical applications. Since launching the single-cell sequencing service in 2017, Berry Genomics has carried out extensive collaborations with nearly 100 scientific research institutions and gained valuable experience with single cell sequencing service and project management. With growing research interest in single-cell sequencing and its research applications, Berry Genomics hopes to established diversified platforms of single-cell sequencing and provide more comprehensive solutions to better meet the needs of life sciences and clinical researchers.

Singleron has a comprehensive product portfolio that addresses typical pain points in the whole single-cell sequencing workflow, from tissue preservation, tissue processing, single-cell sequencing, library construction, to data analysis and interpretation. Singleron thrives to provide cutting-edge, complete single-cell sequencing solutions and accelerate the application of this innovative technology in clinical research, diagnosis, and drug development through rapid responses to customer needs in the fast-growing single-cell analysis market.

Singleron will collaborate with Berry Genomics to build this high-quality, automated single cell system and provide alternative single-cell sequencing solutions for both life sciences and clinical customers.

About Berry Genomics

Founded in May 2010, Berry Genomics is a leading company in clinical genomics and life science in China. Berry Genomics is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of genetic test technologies in clinical applications. Berry Genomics aims to assist accurate diagnosis of diseases throughout the full human life circle, and to improve human health.

As a company with strong R&D capability, Berry Genomics pioneered the first NGS-based genetic test, NIPT, in China back in 2010. The company currently provides NGS- based tests for many genetic diseases and cancers from preconception to adulthood. Berry Genomics is leading in the clinical study of early clinical detection of liver cancer in the world. Exploring the use of the third-generation sequencing technology in both clinical field and scientific study is ongoing.

Berry Genomics has around 1500 employees dedicating to developing products and providing services for over 4000 organizations and facilities home and abroad, including hospitals, research institutions, universities and corporations.

Berry Genomics has been listed on A-share market in China since 2017 under the stock code: 000710.

About Singleron Biotechnologies

Singleon Biotechnologies was founded in Nanjing in 2018 and currently has offices and laboratories in Nanjing and Suzhou in China; as well as in Germany and the US. Since its incorporation, Singleron has also quickly developed key proprietary technologies and methods on microfluidic system design, tissue storage and processing, single cell barcoding and amplification, data analysis algorithms and data mining. Singleron Matrix®, a highly flexible automated Single Cell Sequencing Library Construction platform, was launched in 2020, and can be used in combination with Singleron’s GEXSCOPE® single cell Library Prep kits. The company is currently working together with prominent research institutes, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies, both in China and overseas, to promote the adoption of innovative single cell analysis technologies in scientific research, clinics and drug development.