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Singleron opens a new state-of-the-art laboratory to showcase the latest single cell sequencing technology

Cologne, Germany, November 07, 2022

Singleron Biotechnologies, a leader in single cell multi-omics analysis, is happy to announce the opening of their brand-new laboratories in Cologne, Germany, dedicated to showcasing their vast single cell sequencing solutions, from instruments to novel kits tailored for many different research applications.

Through customer demonstrations, these modern laboratories will provide potential customers a hands-on approach allowing the opportunity to test the latest developments Singleron has to offer in single cell sequencing. The laboratories will also augment Singleron’s productivity to extend operations in research and development of novel products to further Singleron’s innovative technology portfolio.

The new state of the art laboratory will complement the already established single cell sequencing service which has provided support to customers requiring an outsourced solution for their single cell multi-omics sequencing.

The new site focuses on serving customers in Europe, to the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, in addition to, academic and research laboratories. Located directly beside the Singleron European office, aids in strengthening internal communication to enhance customer service. The opening of this facility will create new opportunities to develop careers in biosciences for laboratory and commercial jobs.

About Singleron
Founded in 2018, Singleron develops and commercializes single cell multi-omics products that can be used in both research and clinical settings. Its current product portfolio includes instruments, microfluidic devices, reagents, software analysis and database solutions that facilitate high-throughput single cell analysis. The company currently has offices, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Singapore, China, and the US. Its products are used in over 2,000 laboratories in hospitals, research institutes, and pharmaceutical companies.

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