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FocuSCOPE: Detecting variants and transcriptome in the same single cells
Time:2023-06-28 16:19:47  


FocuSCOPE: Detecting variants and transcriptome in the same single cells


Join our upcoming free webinar where you will learn about FocuSCOPE, Singleron’s high-throughput multi-omics sequencing solution capable of detecting mutations, gene fusions, viral sequences, and the whole transcriptome from the same single cells.

Most current high-throughput single cell sequencing methods only detect gene expression levels but detection of disease-specific mutations at single-cell resolution remains a bottleneck. To address this issue, Singleron has developed FocuSCOPE which is centered around specially designed barcoding beads containing customizable probes and poly T probes that capture gene-specific transcripts and polyadenylated mRNA. This approach ensures high specificity in capturing the molecules of interest.

In our webinar, you will learn about the underlying core technology, its advantages and how FocuSCOPE can be used to accelerate your research.

Presentations will be given by Dr. Nan Fang (CEO and Co-Founder of Singleron Biotechnologies) and Ritika Kulshreshtha (Single Cell Specialist at Singleron Biotechnologies).

Date: Thursday, July 6, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM CEST (7:00 AM PST / 10:00 PM SGT)

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn more about our targeted high-throughput multi-omics sequencing solutions and register here:

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